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LENSAR™ Laser System

Dr. Iskander is the first ophthalmologist in Texas to be certified on the LENSAR™ femtosecond system. This certification required Dr. Iskander to be proficient in all aspects of using the laser.

The certification involved 16 capsultomies; 10 clear corneal incisions; and 10 laser arcuate incisions.

What is the LENSAR™ Laser System?

San Antonio Eye Specialists is excited to bring the next advancement in cataract removal technology to San Antonio – the LENSAR™ Laser System. Using the LENSAR™ Laser System, Dr. Iskander can perform many of the necessary steps of cataract removal with the utilization of a Femtosecond laser versus a manual blade. This technology can add a greater amount of precision, safety and improved visual outcome to the entire cataract procedure.1 The LENSAR™ also allows Dr. Iskander to perform cataract surgery with more ease, convenience, and speed than with traditional methods.


Smart Technology

The LENSAR™ Laser System is an imaging system and a laser in one. In step 1, the system creates a 3-D model of the patient’s eye that can help Dr. Iskander create a customized treatment plan. In step 2, Dr. Iskander uses the laser to create incredibly precise incisions and an opening to the lens capsule, which contains the cataract. He can also soften the cataract in a safe, precise way, making it easier to remove.

The LENSAR™ Laser System uses a superior imaging system called Augmented Reality, which collects a widespread spectrum of biometric data and reconstructs a sophisticated 3-D model of the true anatomy of the eye. Because this technology allows Dr. Iskander to see exactly where the relevant anatomy is in the eye for all grades of white or brunescent (brown) cataracts, he can offer his patients a better, customized, and precise cataract removal procedure.

Why you should choose LENSAR™ Laser Cataract Surgery?

This type of femtosecond laser technology is much more precise than the older method of using a manual blade to perform cataract surgery.

Using the precision of LENSAR’s imaging and laser incisions, this technology can allow Dr. Iskander to remove his patient’s cataract safely and ensure that the new intraocular lens is centrally placed, which can result in better visual outcomes.

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“I was scared to have cataract surgery after I was diagnosed by my optometrist. After going to several ophthalmologist in town, I decided to go with Dr. Iskander of San Antonio Eye Specialists because I felt most comfortable with him. He took the time to explain the difference between modern cataract removal and old fashion cataract surgery like my mother had. After undergoing laser-assisted cataract removal, I can see clearly again! I also chose a premium lens implant which has freed my from reading glasses and bifocals for nearly all activities! Thanks again Dr. Iskander!”

- Eloise T., Cataract Patient

"I was very pleased with my experience with Dr. Nader G. Iskander.It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. When I say the doctor and all the other employees of the Doctors Care made me feel that I was in safe hands and even made me smile when I left, then you can believe they are the best. I am truly grateful and highly recommended San Antonio Eye Specialists."

- Lina Y., Cataract Patient

I highly recommend Dr. Nader Iskander and his staff for anyone who is in need of professional vision care servicies. Dr. Iskander performed successful Cataract surgery on me for both of my eyes during 2013 when I was 64 years old. My vision improved immediately to 20/20. There was no pain or side effects. I go back once a year for an annual eye exam with Dr. Iskander. I am happy to say that I have had no problems with my vision since my Cataract surgery. I just had my annual eye exam with Dr. Iskander at SA Eye Specialists and I am glad to say my vision is still 20/20 at 70 years old.

- Fernando M., Cataract Patient


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