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San Antonio Eye Specialists is one of the area’s premier cataract and LASIK vision correction practices. Led by Dr. Nader Iskander, San Antonio Eye Specialists is widely regarded as one of the premier ophthalmology practices in Texas. Known as the leader in San Antonio for LASIK vision correction and cataract surgery, the doctors of San Antonio Eye Specialists provide all-encompassing vision care that includes general eye care, cataract removal and care, premium lenses, glaucoma treatment, treatment for dry eye, pterygium, allergies, BOTOX®, and other comprehensive eye care treatments.

Nader Iskander, MD, FACS

Dr. Nader Iskander is board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and fellowship-trained in refractive surgery from the Gimbel Eye Centre. He has extensive experience in LASIK vision correction, advanced cataract extraction procedures and anterior segment reconstruction techniques. Dr. Iskander is an expert eye surgeon in San Antonio, Texas who has personally performed thousands of procedures.

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  • Having LASIK has changed my life! Before coming to see Dr. Iskander I had been wearing glasses or contacts for 18 out of 24 years of my life. I had a -6 in one eye and a -7 in the other. I came in today for my 6 month follow up and I have 20/10 vision! Everyone in this office has been unbelievably helpful in explaining the process and have shared in my excitement over my new found vision! You can't go wrong here!
    Kailey P.
  • If your thinking of getting LASIK I highly recommend San Antonio Eye Specialists... great staff, very knowledgeable, they make you fell very comfortable.
    Miguel Z.
  • I just had my follow up appointment this morning, following my Lasik surgery yesterday afternoon and I am totally amazed. My vision before the surgery was 20/400 - i had EXTREME astigmatism and nearsideness. This morning I woke up with 20/15 vision. Dr. Iskander was so calming and professional and his staff was wonderful. Such a great experience!
    Kate B.
  • I had cataract surgery without any sedation, I don't feel any pain at all during the procedure just slight pressure. The procedure is painless. Dr. Iskander is very professional and excellent of what he does and treated me at utmost respect. Dr. Garza, was also very professional and caring,she sees me for f/u after the procedure. The staff especially Sergio and Lois were very accommodating and very easy to talk to with concerns. They are very good at putting you at ease. Overall I have the best experience and highly recommend . THANK YOU, SAN ANTONIO EYE SPECIALISTS
    Marie S.
  • Before visiting San Antonio Eye Specialists my vision was pretty bad. I've wanted to get this done for many years now but have always been scared of anyone doing anything with my eyes. Dr. Iskander and staff made me feel so comfortable about the procedure. I'm very glad I entrusted them with helping me achieve clear vision. Today I can say I have perfect vision with 20/15. Best place ever!!!😃
    Josh J.
  • My wife and I had CZ Lasik performed by Dr. Iskander about a year apart (her in May of 2014 and me in May of 2015). We both had great experiences, everyone was polite and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. We are both free of the burden of contacts or glasses with better vision than we had even with corrective lenses. The pre and post operative instructions are clear and easy to follow to ensure your recovery is quick and complete. If you are in the market for corrective eye surgery, allow Dr. Iskander and the San Antonio Eye Specialists team to take care of you.
    Cody B.
  • Dr. Iskander and the staff went above and beyond to make sure I knew about the procedure, risks/benefits, and what to expect during every step of that way. The facility is very nice and the staff is as well!! I am so happy with my new vision, it went off with out a hitch! I went from being legally blind to better than perfect vision, I joke that now I can see in HD!!! Thank you San Antonio Eye Specialists and Dr. Iskander!
    Karen H.
  • GREAT STAFF! BUT DR. ISKANDER IS SIMPLY AMAZING! My life has completely changed after LASIK! Practically since 7yrs old been struggling with my vision! 18yrs later in my mid 20s I'm at 20/20. Never in my life I would've thought this could ever be! Completely life changing! Opening my eyes the morning after surgery I literally was in tears because it was a miracle! Seeing in HD! Colors truly vivid! I was so happy I took this risk! I'm so glad I chose SAN ANTONIO EYE SPECIALISTS! 
    Emmanuel A.
  • I give Kudos to Dr. Iskandar and his staff. I have been wearing glasses for the most of my life. I was farsighted 20/400 and I’m now 20/15. I had zero complications and was up and about the next day. I’m very satisfied with the results. The team at San Antonio Eye Specialists are outstanding professionals, treating me with care and respect. They are very informative, understanding and an excellent team. I highly recommend San Antonio Eye Specialists.
    Luis E.
  • I've wanted lasik for a long time, and I only wanted the best for my eyes. I discovered that San Antonio Eye Specialists are the best in San Antonio, maybe even the best in all of Texas. They over exceeded my expectations, and my expectations were high.
    Katherine F.

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