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LASIK Eye Surgery San Antonio

Why Have LASIK Eye Surgery at San Antonio Eye Specialists?

Look no further than Dr. Iskander and his professional team! There are over 200 years combined eye care experience among his entire team. Dr. Iskander has dedicated his professional career to improving the vision of his patients. He is one of the few LASIK surgeons in the San Antonio area to have completed fellowship training in refractive surgery and he has invested in the latest technology so his patients have the opportunity to get the best visual results possible, the vision they deserve!

You’ll Meet Dr. Iskander from beginning to end!

Dr. Iskander personally meets every patient before any surgical intervention.  We want you to feel comfortable about asking questions and discussing your treatment plan options.  Rest assured, he is not the surgeon who just appears for the first time on your scheduled procedure date.

Our Patients Share Their LASIK Experiences!

“Extremely pleased with my procedure (Z-500 LASIK). The office staff is great. Dr. Iskander walks you through the procedure prior to and during, this cut down on any anxiety I might have had. I have been wearing glasses/contacts for over 20 years. Went from viewing everything as a blur at arm’s reach to 20/15. Slight haloing at night, but that’s to be expected. Minimal issues after the procedure and I wish I had done this a while ago.”

– Darrel J.

“After wearing glasses for 35 years I decided to have the Clear Lens Extraction procedure performed on both eyes. Dr. Iskander was very thorough in my examination and took his time to answer my multiple questions about the procedure. He could tell how important my vision is to me and wanted me to be to be extremely happy with the results. Mission accomplished! I came away from the procedure seeing better than 20/20 in both eyes. He encouraged me to go with the monovision to be 95 percent free from glasses. I do have to wear glasses at night while driving but he told me that would be necessary. The glasses do help also in low light conditions. Everyone from his staff, the surgical outpatient center, and Dr. Iskander were nothing but awesome in helping me achieve better vision. I have recommended several people to get a consultation and see what he can do for them.”

– Charles B.

Everything about my experience at San Antonio Eye Specialists was quality! From meeting Dr. Garza and the staff at the health fair to the evaluation and eye exam and then the LASIK surgery with Dr. Iskander. I was very impressed with my crystal-clear vision immediately after the surgery and would encourage anyone that may be undecided about where to go for LASIK in San Antonio. They offer a team of wonderful professionals that will answer all of your questions with the enthusiasm that only comes from knowing how great the patients will feel with the results of the LASIK. Everyone there was friendly with genuine kindness. I am truly thankful and victoriously happy.

– Wells R.

What Is LASIK Laser Vision Correction?

LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis and is a remarkable, state-of-the-art procedure that can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism using the cool beam of an excimer laser. LASIK eye surgery only takes minutes to perform and most patients can see well without glasses for distance vision. In fact, some patients see better than they ever did with glasses or contact lenses.

Thousands Have Entrusted Their Vision to the Expertise of Dr. Iskander!

LASIK eye surgery is performed on the outermost layer of the eye, which is cornea. The cornea is one of the fastest healing parts of the human body. This allows patients to have extremely fast recovery times. In fact, most patients can drive themselves to their appointment the very next day. Not all patients are good candidates for the procedure, and just like all procedures, LASIK eye surgery does have some associated risks.

San Antonio Eye Specialists takes great care of your vision to provide you with the most accurate care and best results to correct your vision.

Looking For LASIK In San Antonio? Look No Further!

For your eyes…don’t compromise! We won’t compromise your medical care, and we won’t compromise our ethics in delivering the visual results you deserve. When you come here, you will receive the best patient care in San Antonio. Dr. Iskander will perform a comprehensive and thorough eye examination, evaluate your medical history, and perform diagnostic investigations to evaluate your candidacy. The LASIK procedure itself typically takes only about 10 minutes or less in Dr. Iskander’s hands, but we take the time to ensure that LASIK is the right procedure for you. Not all patients are good LASIK candidates.

LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is the most popular option for laser vision correction. In this procedure, a femtosecond laser creates a very thin protective flap on the cornea, front and center. Next, the excimer laser removes the exact amount of corneal tissue to get your vision in focus. The flap is then repositioned, and your vision is restored almost immediately. Most patients experience little to no discomfort during the procedure.

PRK (photorefractive keratectomy), or LASEK or Epi-LASIK is sometimes used if patients aren’t ideal candidates for LASIK vision correction. PRK corrects the cornea on the outermost layer of the eye and does not require a protective flap. Patients that undergo PRK have the same long-term results as LASIK patients, although recovery time tends to be longer with PRK vs LASIK. Most patients can see well in about 72 hours.

PRK Surgery was first performed in Greece in 1990 and received FDA approval in the mid 90′s in the US. It is one of the most popular procedures in the world and here in San Antonio.


“Having LASIK has changed my life! Before coming to see Dr. Iskander I had been wearing glasses or contacts for 18 out of 24 years of my life. I had a -6 in one eye and a -7 in the other. I came in today for my 6 month follow up and I have 20/10 vision! Everyone in this office has been unbelievably helpful in explaining the process and have shared in my excitement over my new found vision! You can’t go wrong here!”

- Kailey P., LASIK Patient

“If you’re thinking of getting LASIK I highly recommend San Antonio Eye Specialists… great staff, very knowledgeable, they make you fell very comfortable.”

- Miguel Z., LASIK Patient

“I just had my follow up appointment this morning, following my LASIK surgery yesterday afternoon and I am totally amazed. My vision before the surgery was 20/400 – i had EXTREME astigmatism and nearsightedness. This morning I woke up with 20/15 vision. Dr. Iskander was so calming and professional and his staff was wonderful. Such a great experience!”

- Kate B., LASIK Patient


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