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At San Antonio Eye Specialists, our goal is to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contacts. Dr. Iskander is fellowship-trained in refractive surgery, and he has performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures. If you have been thinking about LASIK, then take the first step towards clearer vision by filling out our LASIK self-test!

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Dr. Iskander is a third-generation ophthalmologist. He treats a variety of ocular conditions with an emphasis on refractive procedures. During Dr. Iskander’s refractive fellowship with world-renowned ophthalmologist Dr. Howard Gimbel, Dr. Iskander helped co-author a book about LASIK. In addition to LASIK, Dr. Iskander specializes in other refractive procedures such as PRK. He is also one of only few surgeons in San Antonio to perform the implantable collamer lens (ICL) perform for those that have moderate to high prescriptions for nearsightedness with or without astigmatism, that are not good candidates for LASIK or PRK. 

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