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LASIK Success Rate

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Dr. Iskander in San Antonio specializes in laser vision correction and has personally performed thousands of successful procedures. Approximately 99% of his patients were restored to their best possible vision, which is usually 20/20 or better after their initial surgery, and the other 1% were ultimately at 20/20 with an enhancement or ‘touch up’ procedure.

lasik success rate san antonio
While LASIK and PRK are not cure-all solutions for every visual problem, close to 2 million people every year improve their vision with these procedures.

“Having LASIK has changed my life! Before coming to see Dr. Iskander I had been wearing glasses or contacts for 18 out of 24 years of my life. I had a -6 in one eye and a -7 in the other. I came in today for my 6 month follow up and I have 20/10 vision! Everyone in this office has been unbelievably helpful in explaining the process and have shared in my excitement over my new found vision! You can’t go wrong here!”

- Kailey P., LASIK Patient

“If you’re thinking of getting LASIK I highly recommend San Antonio Eye Specialists… great staff, very knowledgeable, they make you fell very comfortable.”

- Miguel Z., LASIK Patient

“I just had my follow up appointment this morning, following my LASIK surgery yesterday afternoon and I am totally amazed. My vision before the surgery was 20/400 – i had EXTREME astigmatism and nearsightedness. This morning I woke up with 20/15 vision. Dr. Iskander was so calming and professional and his staff was wonderful. Such a great experience!”

- Kate B., LASIK Patient


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