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San Antonio Eye Specialists IOL Master 700 toll for refractive surgery

IOL Master 700

The IOLMaster 700 from ZEISS with SWEPT Source Biometry builds upon almost 20 years of experience in optical biometry. Now with Total Keratometry (TK), the IOL Master continues to be an irreplaceable tool for optimizing refractive outcomes.

San Antonio Eye Specialists Keratoconus Galilei screening machine

Galilei G4

The Galilei G4 combines new technologies to vastly improve our diagnostics, including Placido topography, Dual-Scheimpflug tomography, optical biometry and advanced keratoconus screenings to offer advanced refractive surgery planning.

Oculus Pentacam Diagnostic Tool used by San Antonio Eye Specialists

Oculus Pentacam

The Oculus Pentacam allows Dr. Iskander to make contact-free Pentacam measurements that provide the basis for precise, reliable diagnostics. This diagnostic tool is extremely helpful in successful treatment of the anterior segment, including the Belin Ambriosio Display for keratoconus screening.

Alcon Vario Topographically-guided diagnostic tool from San Antonio Eye Specialists

Alcon Vario

The Alcon Vario offers a broad range of advanced diagnostic tools for therapeutic procedures. With a complete spectrum of ocular measurement capabilities, this device facilitates a wide range of refractive procedures. Dr. Iskander uses this diagnostic tool for topographically-guided Contoura treatments. 

San Antonio Eye Specialists uses the ZEISS Atlas

Zeiss Atlas

The Zeiss Atlas system delivers the clinical accuracy essential to today’s eye care practice in a compact platform. Corneal data can be displayed in a variety of ways depending on the individual patient requirements, user preferences, and intended procedure.

Nidek OPD-Scan III refractive workstation by San Antonio Eye Specialists

Nidek OPD-Scan III

The OPD-Scan lll is a refractive workstation capable of:

  • Wavefront Aberrometer
  • Topographer
  • Auto Refractometer
  • Auto Keratometer
  • Pupillometer and Pupillographer